The CT scan department is equipped with a state of Art four Slice CT scanner from Toshiba. This CT scanner performs procedure like CT scan of head, neck, paranasal sinuses, chest, abdomen, pelvis and bones.

* 2 hours of fasting is needed in case of contrast studies.
* Blood test report of Serum Creatinine is needed in case of contrast studies. This can be done on an immediate basis by giving blood at our Pathology Laboratory 45 minutes before the scan.
* For abdomen & pelvis scan the patient will be given liquid contrast 40 minutes before the scan.
* Please inform the CT technician / Radiologist if there is any chance of the patient being pregnant.
* Patients can take their regular medicines and follow their usual routine before the scan.
* If the patient for contrast study is taking metformin, it has to be stopped 48 hours before and after the procedure.
* Please bring all your old reports for comparison.

* As you arrive for your appointment, our CT Technician will meet you and take detailed history and collect your blood & old reports. You may use this opportunity to ask any queries you have about the scan.
* The CT Technician will explain the scan, and the process we will follow. During scans brief intermittent periods of breath holding may be needed.
* In cases of contrast study an IV line will be taken by our sisters, technicians or doctors to ensure painless cannulation and a contrast agent (dye) will be injected through the IV line. As we use the latest and best quality of contrast agents, any chance of contrast reaction is minimal.
* In case IV line has been taken it will be removed and small band-aid applied. All your reports will be returned to you. The time of report collection will be intimated. In case of emergency scans, a provisional report can be provided so patients can consult their doctors immediately.

* Routine Scans – 8 am to 9 pm
* Emergency Scans – 9 pm to 8 am

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* For all queries related to procedures and reports you can contact - +91